Ft86 hks turbo kit

Availability: In Stock Special Order. You get what you expect from an HKS product. The instructions are simple enough with patience. Everything bolted up well, just need to take your time when installing. Thank you to Josh for a great customer experience. I got my order super quick before the labor day weekend! In stock, non special order items can be returned within 30 days of the product arriving to your house or place of work. Returns will NOT be accepted on final sales, special orders, opened, installed, incomplete, or otherwise used products.

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ft86 hks turbo kit

Purchase a HKS turbo timer to prevent premature turbo wear and failure. You will need to purchase engine management separately piggy back or stand-alonelarger injectors are necessary cc or higher recommendedand upgrade the for 3 BAR boost pressure sensor.

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HKS GTIII-RS Bolt On Turbo Kit For GT86/BRZ (ZN6 / ZC6 / FA20)

Garage Garage Garages Help. Today AM. Photos, Videos, Wallpapers, Gallery Forum. Yesterday PM. Pics of the new BRZ from Best way to fix curb rash on Yesterday AM. Hyundai Veloster N vs FT JDM Yellow Foglights?? Let's talk traction on these Check engine, can OFT tune Valve Springs advice. Time attack tyre pressures. Suspension Chassis Brakes -- Sponsored by Racing. Electric Power Steering. TRD Fender Extensions. Front End Respraying. D78 connector needed. GT radial SX2 track owners Gruppe-S Unequal length Interior Parts Incl.While the BRZ is a popular affordable fun sports car, it definitely could use some extra power.

Its FA20 engine is naturally aspirated, while the WRX gets a turbo variant of the same engine, so what better way to go faster than by adding a turbo?

A supercharger kit is another great option for forced induction, but with a turbo, it's possible to build more boost and make more low end power. While the car well deservedly has received a lot of hype, with its great styling, its low weight of under pounds, and its well-balanced chassis, the stock engine only delivers around horsepower.

Compared to many cars, that's a decent number, but this is meant to be a sports car! Fortunately, there are many manufacturers that offer complete kits with everything you need to install a turbo on your BRZ.

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We've reviewed the most popular to help you decide on the best Subaru BRZ turbo kit. Works is an automotive company that designs, engineers, and manufactures performance parts for a wide variety of different cars. They were inspired to start the company with the Mitsubishi Evolution arriving in the United States in and became the very first Evo tuner, working out of their small San Francisco warehouse.

They've since grown to a team of engineers and technicians with over 60 years of combined experience in the automotive industry. If you live in California, then this is the kit for you. Works has gone through the trouble of testing their turbo kit and getting approval from the California Air Resources Board, making it legal for street use and able to pass smog inspections. The kit retains the factory airbox, catalytic converters, and exhaust manifold, so it won't comprise the factory emissions equipment.

On just 7 lbs of boost, the turbo kit provides gains of around 70 hp and 50 ft-lbs of torque on 91 octane gas. This kit, like the others, includes all of the parts needed for installation. Works includes a 12 month, 12k mile warranty on all of the parts. With the respectable power gains and CARB compliance, we highly recommend this turbo kit, especially for anyone living in California.

The Works Stage 2 Turbo Kit makes around 12 lbs of boost and some extra power over the stage 1 kit, also adding an air-to-water intercooler. The performance gains are around 90 hp and 90 ft-lbs of boost. While the stage 1 kit is good, this is even better, and this one is CARB approved as well.

If you want to best California emissions compliant turbo kit money can buy, this is for you. There he built the first commercial turbo kit for passenger vehicles and since then, designing and building turbos has been a core part of their business. The kit provides around hp on the stock FA20, and has been tested up to hp with a built engine. Separate engine management is required, as well as bigger injectors cc or higher recommended and an upgraded pressure sensor.

This turbo kit includes everything else you need, like the intercooler, intake parts, exhaust manifold, and all hardware. Although upgraded injectors are recommended and don't come with the kit, the power numbers speak for themselves.

ft86 hks turbo kit

If you want to add some serious power to your Subaru BRZ, Toyota 86, or Scion FRS, and still have room to grow if you decide to build your engine, then this turbo kit should be at the top of your list. The turbo's large blades decrease spool time and generate great mid to high end power. This is one of the most popular turbochargers for its great performance on both the street and the track.

Horsepower gains: GReddy is a popular Japanese brand for aftermarket car parts. Founded inthey've become a well-known name and major player in the aftermarket automotive scene. One of the things they're most known for is turbo kits, making GReddy one of our top choices.

This kit was tested thoroughly in both Japan and the United States for both daily drivers and weekend only race cars. The turbo is appropriately sized, so there's not much noticeable turbo lag, maintaining power in the low end.If this article helps you, please share it with others!

Built upon the solid foundation of our exhaust manifolds and merge collectors, we use high grade stainless steel and robotically TIG welded runners for the strongest and highest quality welds in the aftermarket turbo industry. This particular FA Boxer engine design utilizes long runners and our trademark low-angle merge collectors for maximum flow and minimal pressure drop.

ft86 hks turbo kit

From a performance standpoint, optimal flow and minimum pressure drop results allows for early spool, quick response and strong top end power. A stock motor with conservative tune using small frame EFR turbos on wastegate pressure and pump gas can achieve a safe and reliable whp.

Proven by providing years of reliable, consistent turbo operation at the highest levels of motorsport and street driving — with no hardware failures. For an introduction to these turbos:. Depending on your oilpan configuration, you may choose to weld a fitting on the steel OEM pan or use an aftermarket aluminum oil pan with drain fitting already welded. It is helpful to have someone local that is experienced to help with things whether oil drain TIG-welds, fuel pump baskets or help with tuning when you have any questions.

There are also many excellent E-tuner options to choose from, where the tuner can email you calibration tweaks based on your logs. Prepping your turbo for installation ahead of time can save hours during the install process. This reduces the amount of parts needed for the install and means we must clock it into position for proper fitment, before taking the car apart. Take your time, starting this step a few nights before you plan to do the install is a good idea, since it will set the stage for everything else to come.

Step 1a: Clock turbo, install fittings: First remove the 3 screws which hold the actuator bracket in place. Study these pictures below and replicate everything as closely as possible. Reference the coolant fitting locations in on the bottom and out on the opposite side top using the supplied aluminum -6AN fittings and crush washers.

Make sure to use high temp anti-seize on all turbo hardware and the special high temp lock-washers included should remain as pairs — not be separated or lost. They will keep tension on the turbo hardware and make sure the gasket stays leak free, never allowing vibrations or heat cycling to loosen from the manifold.

Step 1c: Once the turbo is clocked, Mount wastegate and bracket, using anti-seize for all threads — the Wastegate actuator arm must sit comfortably without misalignment or binding. You can optionally use a variety of different aftermarket EFR wastegates to achieve youre desired range of boost targets. Step 2a: Accessory Belt and radiator hose heat-shielding: Now, install the accessory belt heat-shield. Put a wrench on the belt tensioner, to remove belt tension, and install an allen wrench to keep tension off the belt.

Step 3: Adding Oil Drain to Oil pan: This can optionally be done as step 2 if you have a second oil pan to prep, helping reduce downtime.

You must unbolt the oil pan and remove it from the motor, to be sure all metal shavings are cleared before reinstalling with good RTV sealant.

After finishing this step, clean it. Apply RTV and carefully install the rubber Reinstall, and allow to cure:. Then get the oil drain line together and in place. Use Clamps not shown in photos :. Step 4: Oil Feed: Remove M18 oil pressure plug next to throttle body.

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Replace with M18 to -4AN feed fitting. Do not use Teflon on the -AN fittings.There are many famous turbines in the history of HKS, that are part of the history of the Tuning itself. We continue working on turbines, optimising and selecting the right one for each vehicle and application. Adding other necessary parts we have made complete tuning kits to fulfil most sophisticated desires of users who want a little boost up and users who are going after the ultimate high power tuning.

Our turbine kits include a variety of options for racing and street applications. We use the knowledge from our motorsports experience, where we test our turbines in the most extreme and rough conditions, to continue developing the world's best turbine kits.

Scion FR-S, GT86, FT86, and BRZ Turbo Kit Installation

Suitable for street small to mid power spec. In the supercharging pressure control, it can detect by surging and it can bypass spilth emission from turbo housing to extension in supercharging pressure control.

Suitable for a high power circuit and drag race spec. In the supercharging pressure control, it can detect by surging and it can bypass spilth emission from wastegate to front pipe in supercharging pressure control. HKS turbo support parts are for the next step tuning.User Name Remember Me? Garage Garage Garages Help. Just ordered my kit! EL, GT, recirc wastegate, bronze coating, wrinkle red charge piping, and the pre-welded pan.

Can't wait to install it! Originally Posted by Jesse36m3. Then program the other LC-2 output into ecutek for logging. Wondering if anybody else has gone down this route and how it turned out?

JDL Auto Design - Turbo Kit V2.1 - Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S / Toyota 86

Originally Posted by nelsmar. Ive done this multiple times before. Talk with your tuner first. They might not even care about logging your wideband.

I personally trust my own wideband and not user installed. I have a post somewhere talking about the accuracy of the OEM wideband, and showing logs against my innovate wideband showing how close it is. I tune these cars and I don't even use a wideband on my own car.

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Its "close enough". I have boost cut and closed loop fueling and i don't need to be staring at my AFR while I drive I need to be looking at the road. Just got my kit in today and i'm pretty bummed.

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Must have been super rushing before Christmas to get it out the door.The engine output can reach over ps depending on the type of the exhaust system. This engine has become very popular because of its excellent handling property by a low center of gravity, good fuel efficiency by a variable valve timing, and natural power feeling. To withstand this high performance, installing "LA CLUTCH", which includes a lightweight flywheel and clutch cover, is recommended for the optimal performance.

Step 2 is to achieve the maximum allowable engine output within with the stock engine. The engine output reaches hp simply by increasing the boost pressure using HKS "EVC" the representative of a boost controller. To suppress the engine oil temperature rise caused by high engine output, installation of the oil cooler kit is recommended. The compression ratio can be selected freely by a choice of a piston and gasket according to the target boost pressure and engine output.

STEP2 Step 2 is to achieve the maximum allowable engine output within with the stock engine. Not applicable for E

ft86 hks turbo kit