Pass either side sign

As a driver we come across many different signs each day, speed limits, directions, roadworks the list goes on. Since taking your test the signs and their meaning may have become a bit cloudy so below we have listed some of the more slightly obscure ones which are sometimes forgotten or not understood. This is only applicable to quite a small number of drivers. This road sign is quite clear and is not easy to miss noticing. Any bicycles, on the other hand, are to be pushed through where the sign is placed.

Most drivers have rarely come across this sign. Even those who have seen it may have difficulties remembering what it means. This sign is applicable to sections of the road where vehicles approach from both the right and the left sides.

The vehicles from the right side are given priority. At certain times of the year, you may see signs warning you about toads in the road, deer or horses.

These warning signs encompass all wild animals no matter how large or small they may be. Deciphering its meaning from the sign without referring can be a challenge. This sign means that you can drive from either of two sides to get to your destination. These are only a few of both common and unique road signs that you may come across as you are on your travels.

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Road signs and what they mean

It can get worse when you pass a road sign you have never seen before and wonder what on earth it could mean. British drivers will pass and use thousands of road signs in their lifetime, but now seven of the most confusing have been helpfully explained.

pass either side sign

Motoring experts from LeaseVan. Whether you have been driving for three years or 30 years, there are some that you very rarely see, so on the odd occasion you do come across them, you don't have a clue what they are indicating. You may have a rough idea or be able to hazard a guess at some of them, but the most obscure ones might leave you nonplussed. We are not sure what roads this applies to or why, but this will only apply to a very, very small number of drivers carrying dangerous loads.

If you are not aware of its meaning, though, it could have horrible consequences. No, this is not implying that your tyres are at risk of exploding. Sometimes roads aren't completely resurfaced with fresh tarmac and, instead, roads are improved by surface dressing, which involves treating roads with bitumen and loose chippings. This sign warns drivers and riders that they need to slow down, because loose chippings can damage paint-work and are hazardous due to loss of traction. This looks similar to a 30mph speed limit sign, but those are on a white background with a red border.

This one means that there is a minimum speed, in miles per hour, unless it is impractical or unsafe to comply. We all know that red circles generally give a mandatory instruction, such as speed limits. This one is usually accompanied by another sign below it with a further explanation, but basically it means 'no vehicles'. Blue circles generally give a mandatory instruction such as "turn left", or, in this case, "vehicles may pass either side to reach the same destination".

You might see this sign and automatically think "danger", but would you really know what to look out for? It means there is an overhead cable which could have disasterous consequences if your car comes into contact with it. Hopefully it is not too low though. And if you download our app, you can sign up for push notifications for Burton by selecting 'discover' and choosing 'Burton' from the 'more topics' list.

By Helen Kreft Senior reporter. Do these road signs leave you stumped? Sign up to get the latest Burton news in a daily email bulletin Subscribe When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Our Privacy Notice explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. You can unsubscribe at any time. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Time Line Here are seven of the most confusing road signs and what they mean: 1.

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You should also know how to react when you see each sign. Use the free road signs test on this website. It is a great resource for learning about all the common signs on U.

pass either side sign

There is a wide range of road signs on our tests. If you miss a question, make sure you read the explanation. It will help you learn faster. Remember, there is no single answer to questions.

The answer depends on how the question is asked. Get a hard copy of the official handbook. It has the answers to all road signs you must learn in your state. Even in a digital age, the good old-fashioned paper manual is a great study tool. Use for notes and highlighting certain sections. The manual has the most up to date information in a form that you can trust.

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If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to our privacy policy. Chevron signs or one-direction large arrows may be seen on the outside of a curve.

Expect a sharp change of direction of travel. Slow down. Two-Way Left Turn Only sign tells you that the center lane is reserved for the exclusive use of left-turning vehicles in either direction.

The lane cannot be used for passing, overtaking, or through travel. This is a regulatory speed limit sign. It shows the maximum speed you are allowed to travel. If a railroad crossing is marked only with a cross buck sign, you should reduce speed, look both ways, and listen for audible signal whistle.

You should treat a cross buck as a yield sign and the decision to stop or cross the tracks is yours. Stop if a train is approaching. Due to the size of trains, the actual speed of a train can be very deceiving. You should:. This sign is used in advance of an intersection to indicate the possibility of turning or entering traffic. Do not pass other vehicles close to an intersection.

Most state laws prohibit passing within feet of an intersection. This sign tells you that there is a stop sign ahead. Slow down and be ready to stop. You are approaching a point where roadways come together and merging is required. The merge sign is installed on the side of the major roadway where merging traffic can be expected. The sign may also be placed on an entering roadway.What does this sign mean?

Slow down for a reverse turn ahead Watch for side road traffic to the right Get ready to cross or enter a one-way street to the right None. What does this sign indicate? Left turns are prohibited at this intersection None Move over into the right lane if you are slow You may turn left after a complete stop.

The ultimate guide to UK road signs - PASS your theory test 2020 - 100 road signs and their meaning!

This sign indicates:. Return to normal highway speed after sign Slow down for men working ahead None Get ready to turn right or left as you are approaching the end of a road that is under construction. Stop before crossing the intersection ahead None Watch right and left for cross traffic Be prepared to turn right or left at the intersection.

The center lane is used for left turns only Never pass another car here None The road ahead curves to the left. Slow down for a double curve Pass either side of sign — divided roadway ahead Pass only to right side of sign — two-way traffic ahead None.

You are near a school Slow down and watch for a train Detour None. Yield to other traffic None Expect other traffic to yield to you Always stop. Slow down very slowly Stop only when other traffic is close None Always stop completely.

pass either side sign

Free and unlimited practice tests questions and answers. Learners permit practice test prep includes traffic signs and signals questions almost identical to the real test. Get ready for your permit test today!

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Please share your Test Question and Answers: If you have gone through your Drivers Ed Course, review test and took DMV exam, and happen to remember a question and its correct answer, please scroll to the bottom of this page and use the form to add your comments. This is not a cheat-sheet, just an aide to help you know what is the right answer.Detailed in this section is information on the blue road signs located on UK roads.

The theory test involves questions related to these road signs. Once you have familiarised yourself with the many UK road signs and their meanings, take a look at our road sign test quiz and test your knowledge to see if you are ready for this part of the theory test. These regulatory blue signs inform road users of which mandatory route must be taken. Turn left ahead sign right if symbol is reversed. Proceed in direction indicated by the arrow sign. Vehicles may pass either side to reach the same destination sign.

Keep left sign right if symbol reversed. Ahead only Turning left or right is prohibited. Mini-roundabout give way to traffic from the immediate right sign. The vast majority of roads in the UK do not have minimum speed limits enforced. Those that do utilize a blue circular road sign that differs from circular signs with a red ring signifying the maximum speed limit.

Minimum speed limits are imposed to maintain a steady continuous flow of traffic. See minimum speed limits and driving too slow for further information. Traffic calming measures are seen more frequently on UK roads. Road narrowing on one, or both sides is a technique often employed to slow traffic in residential areas.

Priority through the narrowing is often controlled by signs and road markings. The circular sign is informing drivers they must give way to oncoming traffic and the blue sign is informing drivers that they have priority. Road signs for cyclists and cycle lanes are mostly blue, although blue signs may be accompanied with a directional white road sign.

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pass either side sign

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