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Filming for the upcoming Batman movie, starring Robert Pattinson has resumed filming in Liverpool this week and photos from the set have begun leaking on to social media. The forthcoming superhero movie isn't due to be released until but Pattinson and the rest of the cast including Zoe Kravitz, Colin Farrell and John Turturro have been spotted on Merseyside filming the blockbuster. While there were many interesting images and videos for fans to read into and try to guess what the plot might be, one image of Batman wearing a rather fetching bathrobe caught many people's imaginations for amusing reasons.

Now, we can't be sure if that is Pattinson or a stuntman under the mask but the image of Batman in his full gear wearing a fetching robe was prime picking for a hilarious meme and the internet delivered. The Batman is the latest version of the iconic DC hero to hit the big screen. It will see Pattinson play a much younger version of the caped crusader than what we have seen before as he attempts to stop the maniacal Riddler, played by Paul Dano.

The film directed by Matt Reeves was set for a release date but has now been pushed back until due to the coronavirus pandemic. All we can hope is that Bruce Wayne and his Batmug some how makes an appearance in the film. Trending Woman urged to leave date after filming the reflection of his glasses.

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Republican ridiculed for trying to impeach Biden on his first day. Ivanka Trump asked what she actually did in the White House. Chrissy Teigen is now one of just 12 people the president follows. Joe Biden got rid of this bizarre button Trump had in the White House.

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Thread about moving to Bali goes viral for not the best reasons. The strangest things Trump said in his final ever speech as president.By using iFunny you agree to our Privacy policy. We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics.

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27 Tweets And Tumblr Posts That Hilariously Sum Up Netflix's "The King"

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Robert Pattinson's Batman was spotted wearing a bathrobe and people cannot stop making jokes

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robert pattinson being both iconic and relatable for 10 minutes

As a reminder, you can change your profile and email settings in your profile. Return to browsing View account. The internet meme factories have managed to start branch beyond coronavirus and quarantine-related memes again, so we're broadening our weekly roundup back to its old form.

Move aside, "Crying Michael Jordan," looks like there's a new meme in town. When your editor asks if you're gonna hit your deadline pic. Robert Pattinson gave a, uh, memorable interview to GQ earlier this week where he revealed that, while stuck in quarantine, he had invented a bizarre pasta concoction. A pasta which you can hold in your hand! Calling the dish Piccolini Cuscino or Little Pillow, the "Twilight" star explained to befuddled GQ reporter Zach Baron that you take pasta, cheese, sugar and Corn Flakes, cram them all into a tinfoil ball and heat it up in the microwave.

His attempt to show Baron how this was done resulted in a small explosion over Facetime. Pattinson's surreal recipe inspired others to attempt to recreate his pasta monstrosity — while others goofed on the actor's eccentric cooking sensibilities with countless memes.

Robert Pattinson making breakfast pic. The meme: "Midsommar" is back on the internet's radar, for no particular reason we can think of, aside from the fact that it takes place during summer, which we won't have, and tells a tale of miscommunication and horror and death, which Anyway, people have grabbed a still of Dani Florence Pugh and Christian Jack Reynor looking up in horror, in the movie, at a woman standing at the top of a cliff, and placed beside it something else the two might be looking at.

Solid format. Good callbacks, of both "Midsommar" and the various iconic cultural works of art paired with the film. A climate scientist spent years trying to get people to pay attention to the disaster ahead. His wife is exhausted. His older son thinks there's no future. And nobody but him will use the outdoor toilet he built to shrink his carbon footprint. As coronavirus vaccines trickle out across the country and new infections and deaths rise at alarming rates in cities like LA, some power players in entertainment and media are leveraging their clout and connections to be amongst the first to get inoculated.

While the fire escape may not be broken, as the woman initially thought — to use a fire escape, you have to put your weight on it to let the ladder come down — maybe it's still best not to make an exit this way. We asked the authors of a new book on the luxury automaker. Having had no prior experience feeding the fox, the woman was pleasantly surprised when the fox came closer to her when she called it. The question, What happened to Tucker Carlson?The film centers around King Henry V's early life and the events surrounding the historical battle of Agincourt.

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The King was loosely based on several plays from William Shakespeare's "Henriad" and was released to Netflix in November On August 27th,Netflix released a teaser trailer for The King which received over 4. The final trailer was released on October 24th, and garnered over 1. On November 1st, Netflix released the film and on YouTube uploaded a short video on the historical events the film was based upon shown below.

The YouTube video gained over one million views in four days.

robert pattinson meme merch

That day, Instagram user timotheespastself [8] posted a depiction of Prince Hal in a bonnet shown below, left. The image received over likes in four days.

On November 4th, Instagram user sn0wyart [7] uploaded an illustration of King Hal which received over likes in a day shown below, right. That same day, Twitter user himotheeproof compared the "dauphin of france in the battle of agincourt" to a video of someone slipping in the snow shown below. The tweet accumulated over likes and retweets in four days.

Editor in leaf twitter

Robert Pattinson's performance as the Dauphin became popular in comments about the film due to his thick French accent and comedic role. The video gained over 9, likes and 2, retweets in four days. On November 3rd, Twitter users continued to comment on the film by adding captions to clips.

Twitter user wilderpeopIe captioned a clip of Chalamet yelling "stop the fucking charade" with the caption "when your buddy keeps tweeting about no nut november but you hear his sock squelching" shown below.

The tweet accumulated over likes in two days. On November 5th, Buzzfeed [12] created a list of memes in relating to the film. Show Comments. The theme of the week is unexpectedness, as each of these entries is something that was unexpected, but theoretically possible.

Robert Pattinson’s nasty microwave pasta inspires equally unhinged memes

Here's what you might've missed last weekend. The collaborative album by Lou Reed and Metallica, "Lulu," was critically panned upon release, but at least it gave the world one positive thing: a song where James Hetfield sings about being a table.

Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution.David vs. Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant. Backstreet Boys vs. Harry Potter vs. Two extreme binary choices pumped full of hype and cultural relevance. Who is the true winner? Who is the true winner in your heart of hearts? The literary world was taken by storm by two stunningly popular book series that captivated readers of all ages.

In one universe, magic is real, spells can be cast, and, if wizardry is in your bloodline, you receive a letter by a mysterious owl, inviting you to the specialized school constructed to hone those sacred magical skills.

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In the opposing, vampires and werewolves are real, hidden amongst high school students and a legendary grudge that dates back to s Italy.

Harry Potter is a fantasy book series written by J. K Rowling. It followed title character as he began his first-year at Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. As the year progress, he becomes friends with Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger, and learns about the evil sorcerer Voldemort. Twilight is a fantasy book series written by Stephenie Meyer. The story follows Bella Swan, an innocent high school student, as she moves back to the small town of Forks, Washington.

Excitement engulfs her boring life, when she falls head over heels for the most nihilistic of the Cullen clan, Edward. Who also happens to be a vampire. Once a series of movies were released based on both franchises, literary fans were quickly divided. Are you a vampire fan, or a fan of witchcraft and wizardry? Young adult novels have produced successful attempts to emulate the importance of female characters on an equal levels as their male counterparts.Friday evening was a rough one for Donald Trump.

The outgoing President was suspended indefinitely from Twitter - a move that many people had called for following the violent insurrection at the Capitol. Despite the suspension's favorable response from politicians and opponents of the MAGA movement, the action has also garnered critique from those who feel it is a dangerous show of censorship from big tech. Though it's right to wonder where the line is drawn regarding free speech, some people are merely mourning the President's prolific and often ridiculous Twitter presence over the years.

This profound grief has led to users sharing their favorite Twitter moments from the most online President of all time. These screenshot memorials are pretty entertaining, regardless of your stance on Donald Trump. Everyone post your favorite Trump screenshot. Pouring one out for a legend. This is my personal favorite pic. Gotta be this one pic. His shark hatred is top of my list pic. I love this one pic. Personal fave pic. He just wanted him to make Ivanka happy. Download Cheezburger App for Free.

Android App on Google Play. Available in the App Store. Toggle Navigation Memebase. Pin It. This thread offers up some good gems - despite using a fake tweet and Chris Benoit reference as its first example. Via saintknives. This one was deleted far before Trump's suspension. But the "haters and losers" theme has been one of his favorites. Via firagawalkwthme.

Via RachelMComedy. Via CaitlynJK. Ah, the North Korea days. Via Dawchestuh. Via ilumminaughty. Via OFeelers. Via DeathlyPrice. Via thepizzataco.T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more featuring designs by independent artists.

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robert pattinson meme merch

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robert pattinson meme merch

Flower boy robert Photographic Print By abby-zabby.