Spotify premium duo india

As the name suggests, Spotify Premium Duo is aimed at couples living under the same roof. Spotify started testing Duo last year in select countries. The new subscription plan is now available in 55 markets including India. Spotify Premium Duo can be used by two people living at the same home address.

With two individual Premium accounts, you can both listen independently, uninterrupted and get all of your personalized playlists and features tailored just for you. Even though the subscription plan is shared by two people both users will have their own individual Spotify Premium account. Spotify Premium Duo is available to all users - new and existing.

New users can get the first month free when they subscribe to Premium Duo. Existing Spotify Premium users can switch to the Duo subscription plan with all their data also transferred. Spotify Premium Duo is the latest subscription plan in India with more options like individual, family and student.

For our latest videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Spotify launches Premium Duo in India for two people living under the same roof Spotify Premium Duo subscription plan also comes with access to an exclusive playlist curated for the two subscribers.

Author HT Tech. Spotify Premium Duo subscription plan. Read more.Spotify has announced the launch of a new subscription plan in India. The company has introduced a new Premium Duo subscription for its customers in the country.

Interestingly, the service has been launched in 55 countries as well.

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The plan comes with a price tag of Rs per month. The latest subscription is designed for two individuals who live at the same address. The plan offers two premium accounts of Spotify. Users will get features like ad-free playback, offline playback and one will also get a new specially curated playlist known as Duo Mix. The company will offer two different accounts, each with its own music library, playlists and recommendations. In order to activate the service, users need to Sign up or login to your existing Spotify account and then invite someone you live with to join Duo by email, WhatsApp etc.

The invited users must confirm their address and then only the plan will get activated. Previously, Spotify partnered with Amazon to bring its popular music streaming service with Alexa on Amazon Echo devices in India.

spotify premium duo india

The company has revealed that Spotify on Amazon Alexa will be limited to Amazon Echo devices and it will be soon available to other Amazon-enabled devices including FireTV and more. Users will need to then login Spotify with username and password. The company has also introduced a new range of voice commands for Amazon Alexa. Latest News from Spotify.

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Latest Smartphones.It seems audio streaming services are following the OTT players as they are bringing affordable plans. Besides, these apps are expanding their reach to other parts of the world to attract users on their platform. Similarly, Spotify has expanded the availability of its Premium Duo plan to several markets, including India.

The company has added 55 new countries, and it will offer its services to two people couples at Rs. Additionally, the audio streaming app is providing a special feature called Duo Mix, which will be compiled and updated by the company after checking your history. Furthermore, the company is offering a free trial for one month, while existing users are allowed to upgrade to this plan by changing their packs.

Notably, the company has so far launched four plans in the country, including the newly launched pack. The first in the list is known as an Individual plan, where you get services for one month on one account only.

spotify premium duo india

Besides, it offers ad-free music, and you can also use services, even you are offline. Then, there is Rs. Lastly, there is a plan of Rs. However, to avail this account you need to go through the verification process, and the company will also check that you are eligible for this plan or not. To get the discount, you need to first download the application. Then, you have to create your account and log in. You can also use your Facebook and phone number to log in. After that, you have to tap on Student discount, and you need to write your details like name, email address, country, name of the university or college, and your phone number.

Once done, the app will verify your details. If we compare these plans with other apps, such as Gaana and Jio Saavn, then both have decreased prices after Spotify and YouTube launched their services in the country. Currently, JioSaavn's monthly plan is priced at Rs. This means Spotify is charging more for a monthly pack. On the other hand, the JioSaavn yearly pack will cost you Rs. So, in our opinion, you should choose yearly packs from JioSaavan as they are affordable.If you share everything with your roommate, why not share your Spotify Premium plan as well?

The company has recently made it easier for people to get a premium membership under one plan called Premium Duo. Spotify Premium Duo costs allow two people who live at the same place to share one plan while maintaining their own accounts. This will be updated regularly, incorporating music that both people like. The feature especially makes sense if the two people sharing the plan live together. Since Spotify knows what kind of music both parties indulge in, the common playlist can appeal to both.

Also Read - Spotify removes 10, song limit in user library. Users who are currently subscribed to a regular Spotify Premium plan can upgrade to the Premiujm Duo plan easily at any given time. This will not be a new account altogether, so users need not worry about their previous account history being deleted.

The plan also provides a Family Mix playlist in similar fashion. Also Read - Spotify's 3-month free trial, Rs annual subscription is back again. With the new plan, Spotify is trying to put a plan out there that can appeal to each and every user.

The company7 recently reported that its ad-supported revenues fell short of the targeted expectation this year.

Spotify Premium Duo subscription launched in India

Since, the company has also lowered its revenue guidance as reported by The Verge. Spotify removes 10, song limit in user library.

Spotify has also been making Premium a more attractive option for users who use the free plan.

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Premium subscribers have the ability to hide songs from their playlist and allow people nearby to control your playlist. In the past, the service has also offered free Hulu and Google Home Mini subscriptions bundled with the premium membership. Here's a look at the user data that Facebook and Instagram collect.

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Spotify launches Premium Duo in India for two people living under the same roof

Redmi SonicBass Wireless review: Simply wonderful! How Apple Watch helped save a kidnapped woman in the US.Spotify today announced it is expanding Premium Duoa feature that allows two people who live at the same place — say couples or flatmates — to share one subscription plan while maintaining their own individual accounts, to dozens of new markets.

Premium Duo is a remarkable concept from Spotify, which it first began testing in March last year and expanded to 19 markets months later. Starting Wednesday, Spotify Premium Duo is now available in 55 markets. At a glance, it appears that Premium Duo is designed to help people save money and gain access to a shared playlist that represents music they both cherish.

Two people can split the cost by joining Premium Duo, and it would save them a few bucks had they subscribed to the music streaming service individually. In the U. Spotify says it also creates a special Duo Mix playlist for participating members of a Premium Duo tier that will comprise songs both listeners like.

But it offers a similar feature for members of the family plan as well. I think I have figured out why Premium Duo exists.

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Spotify Launches Premium Duo Plans In India; Price, Benefits & Validity

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spotify premium duo india

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